Capture qualified leads even when you sleep
Pull leads from your portal campaign
Deal with high volumes of information on the go
Follow-up with every lead to win
Respond promptly
Get repeat & referral business from clients
Automate to boost accuracy

of clients expect their realtor to
respond within an hour


business of an agent comes
from referrals & word-of-mouth


leads are lost or never followed
up because of poor data


One customer relationship management software from leads to reference. Here we have given a detailed idea how a realestate agent can get numerous benefits from VYO CRM. We have created many modules in VYO Market place keeping you in mind and those will help to reach auto pilot mode.
Most importantly your sales team productivity doubled and even tripled!


  • Remarketing - "Tags" are most silent agent who help to identify your customer inner classification. Those tags will help you recall your customer information and sell a new products / give a matching products or even to start new sales. Tags are wiser way to differentiate for inside sales.
  • Inside sales campaign - SMS and email campaign with existing customer can generate new leads for you, sometime it triggers a new sales from your existing customer.
  • Web Lead form - We know you will run a digital marketing campaign. Why have a separate control of lead for it. Use capture lead form to keep all your lead data in one database.

VYO Market Place Modules

  • Pull leads - Collect and sync all your portal campaign leads to VYO CRM. You will never miss a single lead and again you don't want to manage them separately.
  • Push leads - All your facebook.com campaign leads come to your CRM automatically, then you know how to handle it.


  • Basic information - Whenever leads come to you they may not have sufficient information, First collect sufficient information about the lead and add it to your CRM, this will help your sales team to understand the lead queries.
  • Advanced information - Hurry, Now you can add additional data collection fields which is required for you to initiate sales.
  • Customer requirements - Write notes on customer requirements and keep a track of it. Notes will help you to win sales on time
  • Assigning to experts - Experts will do things faster and with high perfection, why mis-manage the leads, give it to experts they will close the sale tasks.


  • site visit - Is your employee losing the site visit? Give them the calendar they will keep an eye on it. Now schedule a site visit precisely with your customer, let the employee be prepared for it.
  • Repeat site visit - Customer will not get satisfied in single visit, they will ask for more, do it and have a control over it.
  • Attach site visit photos - Comment and attach photos of your site visit, they can be a record as well as memories can be gifted during house warming.

Documentation Information

  • Attachment of all required documents - You may wonder why you need these customers document. Just for information or future reference.
  • Additional information or note - Think remarketing here.

Survey and Reference

  • Survey - Get survey from your customer and know about the person who served them.
  • Collect reference - Have track on reference given by a customer and thank them for every reference.

Deep Report

  • Employee engagement report - Duration of calls, Check-in and time spent on site visit. Most importantly timely follow up of task.
  • Comparative report - Entire comparison report of the employee from task to conversation.
  • Goals and achievements - Why do you ask them? VYO CRM will show where they stand on their targets.

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