Pull Leads - Magic Bricks

Lead from your campaign in magicbricks.com will directly added to your CRM


Let your leads generated in the campaign pulled to your CRM and mark those leads to the assigne. Avoid duplication of leads from the campaign. Do not lose any lead or customer data

Special Features
  • Avoid lead repeatation
  • Suffecient customer data
  • Auto assign to sale executive
How it works

A cron job will be executed in 30 min interval from 00:00 hrs countinuously. If any leads found they will be created to your CRM as configured

  • No lead is missed
  • Clear lead data
  • Track and win sales
  • Remarketing with the leads
  • Half Yearly subscription required
  • Falied executions are not tracked
  • execution restricted to 24 time a day
  • Support single account